Olla clay pot watering

 EasiOyYa saves you watering by delivering moisture straight into the root zone of your plants 24/7

For thousands of years, farmers from villages around China have understood the benefits of using clay Olla’s to water their crops.

Now you can make use of a more modern technology to set up a network of clay capsules that will look after your plants when you’re not around.

Introducing The EasiOyYa

(It’s an Olla and it’s Easy!)

Watering with ollas
How EasiOyYa's water the plants

The Automatic Olla

Water seeps through the porous terracotta, straight into the root zone, exactly where it’s required

In the past, traditional Olla’s have needed to be refilled or topped up with water every few days which was a problem when you went away. But now there is no need to worry about that anymore!

Now we are using the power of nature (gravity) to water our plants automatically and straight into the root zone where it’s needed. It’s just a matter of setting up a reservoir of water, slightly elevated above the level of the plants you are needing to water. The porous clay EasiOyYa’s are buried next to your plants and connected by tubing back to the tank. It can be called a “Plant Controlled” watering system since the plants can help adjust the output of water through capillary suction.

Plant in circles around the EasiOyYa's

Setting Up Is As Easy As 1, 2, 3

EasiOyya set up

Step 1

Just dig a small hole to bury the EasiOyYa

EasiOyYa set up 2

Step 2

Connect the tubing back to a water barrel

EasiOyYa set up 3

Step 3

Plant your seedlings around the EasiOyYa

Take the time and frustration out of watering your plants. You’ll finally be able to go away knowing your plants are being watered.

easioyya pack
Each kit contains 8 EasiOyYa’s as well as 10 meters of tubing and all the fittings required to connect to most tanks or water barrels. Easy DIY installation. You supply the tank, we supply everything else!

Save Water

Because water is delivered straight into the root zone, you don’t have the usual problems of runoff and evaporation rates are kept to a minimum, especially when used in combination with mulch.

Grow Healthier Plants

Since your plants will have constant access to moisture they won’t be subject to the stresses of drying out. Perfect for things like salad greens and herbs that run to seed prematurely when stressed.

Holiday Friendly

Take extended stays away from home reassured that your plants are taken care of automatically. There are ways to set up to last for either 1 week, 1 month or 1 year.

Use Anywhere

Highly suitable for 27th floor balcony gardens, pot plants, raised garden beds, no-dig gardens, hydroponic setups, patio gardens, community gardens, planters, fruit trees plus many more.

Timeline Photos
Have been busy getting some autumn crops planted. The beauty of the EasiOyYa watering system is that while this rain is about, they will slow down on the output but are ready to start supplying the moisture crops need as ...
Getting ready to plant some new crops. Lifted up the EasiOyYa's and dug in plenty of compost. The EasiOyYa's are now ready to go back in and then I'll plant the tomatoes and capsicums around them so they all get ... 1 comments
Watering The Easy Way With EasiOyYa
The easy way for your herbs and vegetables to have access to the moisture they need 24/7
Timeline Photos
Worry free watering with EasiOyYa
Comments Ekkodotworld This is amazing!
Using one #easioyya in the centre of each pot to lots of edibles, dwarf beans, parsley etc. The olla's are connected by the tubing back to a barrel so the plants have access to the moisture they need 24/7. #ediblegardening ... 0 comments
Sent in by Carleen, says "Finally got to posting this photo of my garden bed with EasiOy Ya watering system. My grandson and son put this together for me about 3 weeks ago. Possibly a bit late in the season ... 0 comments
Finally got to posting this photo of my garden bed with EasiOy Ya watering system. My grandson and son put this together for me about 3 weeks ago. Possibly a bit late in the season for cucumber but it's working. ... Comments EasiOyYa Thanks for posting Carleen, these cucumbers certainly look like they're going great guns. Still plenty of time to get a ...
These two capsicum plants are off to a great start in the large pot with one #easioyya between them to provide the moisture they need. #ediblegardening #growfood #growyourown #containergardening #organicgardening #ollairrigation #olla #herbgarden #savewater #balconygarden #growtomatoes #garden #gardening #raisedgardenbed #claycapsule ... 0 comments
Timeline Photos
Using one EasiOyYa in the centre of the pot to water several dwarf beans.
Making Life Easy With EasiOyYa
There is a new, easy way to grow the fresh food you need! The method works perfectly for both pots and raised gardens. It is a true plant and forget strategy, with next to no maintenance right up until ...
Watering For Seedlings During Hot Weather
These seedlings I planted during the week aren't worried about this hot weather thanks to the EasiOyYa's! More info at https://easioyya.com
Just laid out a set of EasiOyYa's, ready to poke into the ground and connect...
Just laid out a set of EasiOyYa's, ready to poke into the ground and connect to the water tank. Then the plants will have access to the moisture they need 24/7, right at their root zone where they require it. ... +1s 0 0 0

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Working in synergy with nature – terracotta clay from the earth being used to deliver moisture back to the ground providing an abundance of life to the plants.