DavidBHello, my name is David Borthwick and I’ve been involved in sustainable agriculture all my life.



I live in Australia, the driest inhabited continent on earth. I have also spent a large portion of my life right in the center of Australia, not far from Eromanga, which is reputed to be the furthest town from the sea.

olla map

This area receives minimal rainfall and we were accustomed to droughts, conserving water and ensuring the little would go a long way.

Later, I moved to the city and as a horticulturist, I started helping others to find a way to grow the fresh food they needed in the small spaces they had.

I have thoroughly loved helping build vegetable gardens for schools, set up herb gardens for aroma therapy in nursing homes, planted fruit trees high up in apartment buildings and grown vegetables and replanted them on movie sets.

I have been asked to speak at many garden clubs, to set up displays at home and garden expos to help educate people how they can start their own edible garden and to conduct testing and research on many garden products. I went on to achieve Certified Nursery Professional status in 2008.

But, where ever I go and with whoever I speak, I hear of one recurring problem…….  

People want to know how to keep their plants watered for extended lengths of time when they either need to go away or are just too busy to get around all their plants with a watering can or hose?

I have been experimenting with various forms of irrigation for over 30 years, but it wasn’t until I traveled to the ancient village of Dehua in the foot hills of Daiyun Mountain in eastern China did I fully understand a method of Olla clay pot irrigation been used by Chinese farmers for thousands of years.  Dehua is referred to as the treasure-house of Fujian for its green mountains, crystal water, richness in minerals and exquisite porcelain. And that’s where the EasiOyYa was born!

So, It’s An Old Chinese Gardening Method, Brought Back To Life And Made Better!

My exceptional consumer products come from necessity.  And the EasiOyYa is no different.  It solves a simple daily problem we all have: forgetting to water the plants or just looking after them when we are not around. In essence, they take the hard work out of looking after your garden.