Does the kit contain everything I need to set up the watering system?

The kit contains 8 EasiOyYa’s plus all the fittings as well as 10 meters of tubing. It includes a tap that will attach to most tanks or water barrels with a 20mm or ¾” outlet.


The kit does not include the tank or water barrel. Make use of what you already have or can source locally. You can also get some here on Amazon.

What size is an EasiOyYa?

The EasiOyYa’s measure about 70mm in diameter and are about 115mm long.

easioyya olla size

They don’t seem to hold a lot of water?

They don’t need to. Since they are connected by tubing to a tank, your plants will have access to moisture 24/7.

Do I need to connect to a pump or electricity?

Nope. The system works on the power of nature – gravity.

How do they work?

Unglazed terracotta is a hard but porous material that will allow water to seep through straight into the root zone of your plants.


What are they made from?

The terracotta is a food grade clay, typically used in crockery. The rubber grommet is also made from a food grade silicon rubber.

Can they block up?

Very unlikely if you use clean water in the tank. We also include a filter washer for the start of the system. Since it is a “sealed” watering system, you won’t have problems with ants getting in blocking it up.

Are EasiOyYa’s water efficient?

Highly. Since water is delivered straight into the root zone, there is nothing wasted from run off and minimal lost to evaporation. Use mulch around the plants to really help reduce evaporation.

How large does the tank/water barrel need to be?

It all depends on how many EasiOyYa’s are on the line and the time interval you want between topping up. It also depends on the time of year/heat and size of the plants. A small 30 litre tank/drum may be ideal for a balcony setup while a large vegetable garden with dozens of EasiOyYa’s could benefit from a 60 litre, 200 litre or even larger reservoir.

white water tank isolated on white background1000 litre cubes are popular with aquaponic set ups and also work well with the EasiOya’s.

A large plastic barrel used to collect rainwater from a roof downspout in a home yard near rhododendron flowers.


200 litre drums can usually be sourced second hand and are sometimes connected to a down pipe for topping up.




olla water tank

These 30 litre drums are ideal for a patio or balcony garden where you don’t have a lot of space.




olla watering tank   You can even connect your EasiOyYa system to a large rain water tank.

You can find a whole range of water barrels and tanks here on Amazon

What happens if the garden gets lots of rain?

The EasiOyYa’s slow down until the soil starts to dry out again. If the soil on the outside of the EasiOyYa is wet, water pressures are more equal and there is less incentive for them to release moisture.

How high do I need to set the reservoir?

It only needs to be elevated slightly above the level of the pots or garden area that you are looking to water. If you were watering a garden bed, you could set the reservoir on a besser block or milk crate for more than enough height. It does need to work on gravity feed.

Can I connect another set to the same reservoir?

Certainly. You’ll find an inline tap at the end of the first system that is ready to connect a second set too.

Can I use liquid fertiliser in the system?

Good quality, soluble liquid plant foods or hydroponic nutrients can be used. Just avoid liquid fertilisers that contain fish products as they will contain an amount of fish oil which could block the pores of the terracotta.

I have just set up the system and it used quite a lot of water in the first few days?

This is normal. It takes a week or so for the fine soil particles to settle back down against the outside of the EasiOyYa so it can equalize the pressure. After that initial settling in period you will find they only put out as much water as the plants require.

How are these different to drippers?

Drippers generally tend to keep on dripping and using lots of water regardless of the moisture content of the soil. EasiOyYa’s will tend to self-regulate flow based more upon the plant’s requirements.

What about if I already have a tank but it is a long way from my vegetable garden?

As long as the vegetable garden is lower than the tank it should be fine to use. You may consider running a larger size tube (13mm or 19mm) from the tank and drop back to 4mm when it gets to the garden area.

Are there any plants not suitable for watering with EasiOyYa’s?

Can’t actually think of many. If it grows in soil, coir, potting mix or many other growing mediums, chances are they will do very well with

There is a small inline tap in the kit, what is it for?

This is placed at the end of the line after all the EasiOyYa’s. You can use it initially to help bleed air out of the system. Then it becomes a good checking point, if water is getting to the end of the line you know each EasiOyYa should have access to water. Then, if you want to extend the system, just plug the new tubing into the tap and off you go again.

Can I connect EasiOyYa to a pump or town pressure?

NO! And there isn’t any point in doing so. All they would do is drip like an inefficient dripper system with no regard to soil moisture content.

What is the delivery policy?

If the product is available for purchase, that means we actually have stock available in Australia. Once payment is received and cleared in full, packing and dispatch is fast, in most instances within 24 hours. Shipping times naturally  vary accordingly to destination and methods used.

What is the returns policy?

If you receive the product and it happens to be faulty or damaged in transit, notify us within 14 days and we will pay the return shipping.

We offer a 90 day, full money back guarantee. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with the product, whether it’s been used on not, return for a full refund within 90 days. You are required to pay shipping. Fair play conditions apply.