The “EasiOyYa Way of Watering”!

I am sure EasiOyYa’s will transform the way you water your garden. It’s a system that saves water, saves time, saves frustration and lets you get on with the important things in life, knowing your plants are getting access to the moisture they need 24/7.

This is a typical set up of a garden watered by EasiOyYa.

easioyya garden setup

It works equally as well for a series of pots.

Easioyya pot setup


Notice in these photos how the tank/rain barrel is set up? The EasiOyYa watering system is gravity fed so it is a matter of having a reservoir elevated slightly above the level of the plants you are looking to water.

Usually you can work on a rough rule of thumb that each EasiOyYa will maintain the moisture to plants within a 40 – 45 cm diameter. This will vary a bit depending on the types of plants and soil structure etc.

Rather than planting in rows like in traditional gardening, we tend to plant in little circles or “clusters”. This allows a greater number of plants to access the moisture from each EasiOyYa ensuring a very efficient system. For example, we may plant 6 lettuce around one, a dozen shallots around another and 3 capsicums around another.

easioyya cluster 2easioyya clusters








So, we lay out the EasiOyYa’s in the area we want to water and dig them in so just the cap is exposed.

setup easioyya

dig in easioyyaThen it’s just a matter of connecting the supplied tubing back to the tank or rain barrel. There is a small tap that goes on the end of the line to bleed the air out of the system once it is all set up, tank filled and ready to go.

Guide to choosing a suitable tank or rain barrel for the EasiOyYa, gravity feed watering system.

You will find all the fittings required for a standard installation included in the kit, the only thing extra you require is a tank/drum/water barrel.

You may already have a water tank or rain barrel at home that will be totally fine to use but here are some tips to make the selection process easier. These 3 barrels are of around the 50 gallon capacity and are available by searching “Rain Barrels” on Amazon. You may also find something suitable at a local store. It is always a good idea to use a dark color barrel as that will help prevent any algal growth. Also, the larger the reservoir, the longer it will run between top ups.

What we are looking for, is a rain barrel of suitable size that has a ¾” threaded bung/bulkhead or spigot down low that we can connect the EasiOyYa system onto. Just below you’ll see a diagram of the parts included in the EasiOyYa kit.

rain barrelsThese are examples of water barrels that are ideal as they already have a spigot or bung built in.


The EasiOyYa kit includes these fittings below, the 3/4’’ threaded tap, the reducer and tubing.

easioyya fittings

If the rain barrel already has a tap with a ¾” thread, you don’t need to use this red handled one, you can connect this 3/4’” to 4mm reducer straight on.

Sometimes, there may be other smaller drums, tanks or rain barrels of an appropriate size but without a bung/bulkhead near the bottom. With a little DIY ingenuity, these can quite easily be modified to suit.

small rain barrels


A spigot like this could be used. It is a matter of boring a suitable sized hole in the barrel and doing the nut up tight.


This short video shows how the whole system can be set up and ready to plant your crops within a few minutes.