8 EasiOyYa Patio Pack


Product Description

The New Automatic Olla Watering System Where Your Plants Water Themselves 24/7

What is the main problem when you go away on holidays? If I guess correctly, I would say it’s getting someone to water your beloved plants or letting them take their chances but are mainly dead when you return.

One device that will take care of your plants is the EasiOyYa watering system. Burying unglazed clay pots, called Ollas, filled with water is an ancient method of plant irrigation.

olla clay pot wateringEasiOyYa’s are the modern day equivalent and connected by tubing to make it an automatic watering system.

EasiOyYa’s slowly seep out water under gravity pressure keeping the soil moist, providing you with beautiful fresh herbs and vegetables or strong healthy shrubs and trees.


  • EACH PACK CONTAINS 8 BULBS which are like a terracotta olla or watering spike but automatic. Sends moisture right into the root zone of your plants, just where they need it.
  • YOUR PLANTS ARE KEPT NOT TOO WET OR NOT TOO DRY, JUST RIGHT! This leads to healthy plants that have better growth and bigger crops.
  • IT ALL RUNS ON GRAVITY – straight from your tank or water barrel. No pumps or electricity needed.
  • EXCELLENT FOR MANY TYPES OF GARDENS – raised veggie gardens, pots, planters, fruit trees, balcony gardens, starting seedlings, patio gardens, troughs, barrels and more.
  • VACATION/HOLIDAY WATERING – Depending on the size of your tank, can water for days, weeks or months without top ups. Perfect for holiday watering or when you are just too busy to get to your garden.

olla watering


Water is delivered below the often hard and dry soil surface directly to your plant’s roots. This prevents water being lost through evaporation or runoff.

These clay ceramic bulbs ooze water straight into the root zone where it is needed most. It all works by gravity, there is no need for pumps or electricity. It’s just a matter of having water in a tank or reservoir, elevated slightly above the plants you are wanting to water.

Who gets tired of going from plant to plant with the watering can? This system has one central tank to top up and that’s it, it will quietly go about its business making sure your plants have access to water when they need it.

EasiOyYa’s are very versatile and used to maintain plants in garden beds or a single EasiOyYa will water a pot up to about 400mm in diameter.

This kit includes:

8 EasiOyYa’seasioyya pack
10 metres of 4mm tubing and required fittings.

This kit doesn’t include a tank. This kit is designed as an add-on to an existing EasiOyYa system or if you are using your own tank or water barrel.

Additional Information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 20 x 20 x 40 cm